Membership Qualification
Membership can be granted to anybody if following of the criteria are fulfilled:

  • Nepali citizen
  • Minimum age of 16 years
  • Mentally balanced and active
  • Free of any public fund embezzlement charges
  • Free of any legal charge that reflects on his/her low level of morality

Membership Dis-qualification
Membership will be barred if any one of the following of the criteria attract:

  • Non-Nepali citizen
  • Less than 16 years of age
  • Mentally imbalanced
  • With charges involving public fund embezzlement
  • With charges that reflects on his/her low level of morality
  • With ulterior motive
  • With debt

General Membership is open to anybody qualifying the “Membership Qualification”.

Founding Member
Founding members are those who were at the initiation of the organization.

Lifetime Membership
Lifetime membership is granted to people or organizations who make a substantial amount of contribution to the organization.

Honorary Membership
Honorary memberships are awarded to any famous or prominent Nepali citizen upon organization’s decision. However, they shall not have any voting rights.

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